Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so, my ex husband and i get along most of the time...we have even been known to talk on the phone(mostly when he needs to vent)...most people find it strange that we still get along..My boyfriend says its healthy for the kids, and he sees no problem with it..what do you think? i dont call him with my problems, i talk to my boyfriend instead, but the ex husband trusts my opinion...should i keep letting him do it?- Friendly ex

I think it's always healthy for a mom and dad to have a friendship after a divorce, if for no other than the kids. In my opinion it teaches children tolerance, respect, and love for others. It models kindness and politeness and civility. They are lucky to have parents who get along, because not all children as so fortunate to witness that. However, I wouldn't let it get to a point where his coming to you for advice is running your life. Make sure that he knows that there are times to call, and times not to call. :)